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Contact lenses are a fabulous life change.  Not only do you look better, you see better.  Gone are the days of your glasses slipping down your nose, hurting behind your ears and fogging every time you come in from the cold or humid environment.  They are especially useful for most sports activities.

Contact lenses can correct virtually any type of refractive error including astigmatism and presbyopia.  They are available in a multitude of colors, materials and modalities to fit your life style.


We offer the latest in contact lens care:
Because many new types of contact lenses are available for a variety of vision problems, we strongly recommend that anyone considering contacts first consult a professional that specializes in the area. Our office places an emphasis on providing you with the latest in contact lens care. We attend special seminars to keep up to date and have modern equipment for the evaluation, fitting and follow-up care of contact lens patients.

The New Contact Lenses:
Contact lenses are now available in most prescriptions for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and some bifocal corrections. The biggest advance for the new millennium in both soft and firm lenses have the benefits and improvements in manufacturing procedures with new lens materials transmitting a greater supply of oxygen to the cornea. This means more people than ever, even past failures, are now good candidates for contact lens wear.  Dr. Garone has twenty-four years of experience in fitting all types of contact lenses including soft, gas permeable, astigmatic contacts, and bifocal lenses.  Some of the newest technology in contact lenses include daily disposable and 30-day continuous wear contacts which are now available in both soft and gas permeable materials.  Today there are traditional conventional lenses which may last to one year with proper care, planned replacement or disposable lenses that last from one day, to two weeks, to three months. 

Professional Fitting is Required:
The fitting properties of a lens are determined by several factors including lens curvature, diameter, and power. The all important factor is that the lens must fit well enough to center properly but not so tight as to prevent an adequate oxygen supply to the cornea.  Also, the lens prescription must properly correct your vision problem. Considerable professional judgment is required in obtaining the best fit. Frequently a lens must be worn several weeks to determine if the oxygen supply is sufficient and the eye is adapting properly.


You'll Learn Proper Care and Handling:
In addition to initial fitting, we will give you thorough instructions on lens care and handling. This is something patients are frequently concerned about, but is easily mastered with a little practice. The cleaning procedures will be explained and demonstrated.


What to expect from Contact Lenses:
For new wearers, it is common to experience some adjustment in both comfort and vision during your first few weeks of contact lens wear. After you have adapted, you should be able to wear your contacts for most activities including work, social events and even strenuous sports. It is unlikely a lens will be dislodged unless there is a direct contact to the eye. You should exercise reasonable caution, of course.


Four Elements Necessary for Successful Contact Lens Wear:

1. Motivation

Your desire to wear the lenses and your willingness to go through the normal adaptation period. This includes adjusting to not wearing glasses, as well as adapting to contact lenses.


2. The Right Type of Eyes

Naturally, your eyes must have the proper physical characteristics in terms of corneal curvature and lens prescription. All patients are carefully evaluated before contact lenses are recommended.


3. A Good Fit

Simply put, a good fit is dependent on the clinical expertise of your doctor.


4. Your Cooperation

You must adhere to the prescribed wearing schedules, lens handling techniques, and cleaning procedures.



When your get contact lenses, you should have a professional eye examination before the fitting as well as follow-up care after the lenses have been worn.  Many times your level of success and satisfaction with contacts will be determined by the skill and expertise of your eye doctor.

Your Doctor's Professional Judgment is More Important than the Contact Lens Brand:
Patients frequently ask about a certain well known lens brand because they are highly advertised and enjoy a good reputation. Please be advised that there are many excellent quality contact lenses on the market today for a variety of vision problems. Our job is to know which kind is going to work in your particular case. After examining you and evaluating such things as your lens prescription, the shape and size of your cornea and your visual needs, we will be able to recommend the type of contacts that are best for you.

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